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I was urged to watch a video. I delayed it because I was busy. The jobs of today use my time up. I said I would watch it. Actions speak louder than words.

I think about the future. What will the world be like when we hand it over to our children.

I HOPE and listen, to see if I can DO something to make it better.

With a teenage daughter making decisions about what she wishes to do as an independent adult, many topics come up in our conversations.

What are the YOUTH concerned about for their future?

The normal things still:

The economy.
Having reasonable comfort – a safe life.
Reward and satisfying ventures.

This blog focuses on society and the issues we find in our relationships and within ourselves – our day to day existence, trying to keep our heads above the water and survive with some sanity left…

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Estelle – Thank You [Official Video]

This video speaks for itself….You Live and Learn….

Big Beauty Box



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Happy New Year!

Beauty Box 39

For Christmas, Teedz requested a repeat of the Beauty and the Beets package she received last year, namely, another couple jars of those luxurious shower scrubs.  So in addition to some more coffee sugar scrub and salty citrus scrub, I made a big beauty box with more aids to relaxation in it: bubble bath, bath tea, and a crowning achievement, homemade LOTION.  I’m not even kidding.  My major regret was that while every woman in my family got a jar of the luscious stuff, there wasn’t enough left over for ME.  I guess I’ll have to make some more.  Let’s begin, shall we?

Rose-Lavender BubbleBath

We’ll start with the easiest one and get trickier, okay?

For a bubble bath, you need to start with a soap base.  You can use unscented dishwashing liquid, which is super cheap, but I like castile soap because…

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There’s a Difference Between a Girlfriend and a Woman by T. Miller

“I’ve been dressing myself long enough to know what looks good on me n I’m sorry but a girlfriend is an outfit that my maturity has passed down to my Lil cousins yrs ago” this woman’s work is amazing….Poetry for the Soul….Everybody has a story to tell….

T. Miller on Obama in the White House

Poetry for the Soul….Everybody has a story to tell….

T. Miller – Poetry Slam Winner

“Do not touch us, if you had no plans on making this home”

Sam Cook – “God in Code” (NPS 2013)

Poetry for the Soul….Everybody has a story to tell….

Javon Johnson

Poetry for the Soul….Everybody has a story to tell….

(Cortez Shaw Cover)

WOW….He has a incredible voice….Someone sign him Please….

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