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One of the most racist moments live on television…:



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My vegetable container garden is my latest OBSESSION.

My Latest Obsession

My vegetable container garden is my latest OBSESSION.


I have always wanted a garden.  When saw other people’s gardens I was always in awe that they grew their own vegetables.  I am pretty sure that I was secretly envious.  I’d ask them questions about how they got started gardening, the planting seasons, and how long it takes to harvest a crop. They seemed so knowledgeable and had been raised around gardens and gardening.  That definitely wasn’t me.

You see, I have always wanted a garden, but there were obstacles to overcome.  First, I don’t like gardening at all.  I don’t like bugs biting me. I don’t like insects in the dirt. I have allergies.  I have never been one to enjoy spending the day working on the yard EVER.  So, it always seemed silly to want a garden.  But I wanted one.

We have a back yard big enough for several raised beds so I bugged my husband to build some boxes to start my organic garden.  He never obliged.  Probably because he knows that I hate gardening.

At the end of June, my cyber-buddy started a container garden.  I watched her progress daily on Facebook.  One minute she had pots of dirt, then little sprouts, then seedlings and then full out plants!

That’s when I knew that a container garden was EXACTLY what I was looking for!  I didn’t need to take up a lot of space, I didn’t have to get a degree in soil pH, and I didn’t have to know what I was doing.  I messaged her with a couple of questions about what I needed, ordered my non-gmo, non-hybrid, organic seeds and hit the nearest home depot.

The following weekend I planted carrots, red onions, cucumbers, beets, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, eggplant, kale, lettuces, broccoli, collards, mustards, herbs, string beans, pumpkins, celery, and orange peppers.  I was amped at the fact I was going to save BIG BUCKS by growing my own organic produce for juicing and eating.

I have since become obsessed with my container garden.  I get excited every time I see a new sprout or bud.  I check on it several times a day just to see if there are any new developments.  I just stand out there and stare at the pots.  I water the plants regularly. I EVEN pluck bugs off the leaves.

Guess what?  I don’t hate gardening.  And, I don’t suck at it either.  Everything that I have planted has sprouted.  My little container garden has multiplied to several pots and buckets.

I enjoy going out in the yard every morning.  I like having my girls help me water the plants.  It’s therapeutic.  It’s a stress reliever.  I LOVE gardening.

I asked myself why I am so into this garden, and I have figured it out.  It ties back into what I post about daily on Facebook. You plant a seed, you nurture it, you fight off weeds and other pests, you watch it grow and develop, you go through challenges, you bounce back, you thrive, and you reap your harvest.

It’s simple. My container garden represents life and I love it!

Don’t be afraid to try something new.


Go to your destiny

How to Start a Container Vegetable Garden for the Clueless Gardener

How to Start a Container Vegetable Garden for the Clueless Gardener   

A Bunch Of Baby Plants Growing Inside Of Pots Inside Of A Greenh

I found this on a website called I thought that it was a very interesting topic.

I am by no means a skilled gardener, but I am someone who has started. 

I want to share the exact items I purchased for my container garden with the hopes that this will get you motivated to Get On Up!   I will warn you that if you start by reading and trying to learn everything possible about gardening you will become paralyzed and never get started. Just go with it.

This is my  Clueless Gardener’s Guide to a Container Garden

In my opinion, the most important point is to keep it SIMPLE. You need a few basic supplies to get going, and they can be purchased at your local home improvement store. 

Here’s what you need:  pots, dirt, and  seeds. That’s it!  Skip the fancy tags to identify your seedlings, water trays, and fertilizer.  Just keep it basic.

Pots/Containers:  Purchase containers that have drainage holes in the bottom so that the soil won’t get too soggy.  Buy small pots.  When I purchased my pots, I made a mistake.  My seeds were fine, but in retrospect I purchased containers that were too big to start out.  Try seedling trays or nursery plant pots.  The pots can be 2-3 inches, square or round, and made of durable plastic. Seedling trays have several sections and rows and are generally plastic.    Since starting my garden, I have discovered that I can sprout seeds in egg cartons.  Poke a hole in the bottom of each section,  scoop dirt into each egg compartment and place a seed in each section.  Really, you can grow a seed in just about anything (dixie cups, muffin tins, milk containers). Proper drainage holes are key

Soil: Purchase organic potting soil for containers.  This soil is specifically for container gardens.  It is a mixture of fertilizer, soil, and other components to promote proper drainage.  Do NOT grab soil for an in-ground garden.  

Seeds:  The seeds are critical. You can buy seeds at your local store, but you don’t know if they are organic or genetically modified and you have no idea how old they are.  I specifically looked to buy organic, non-GMO, non-hybrid, heirloom seeds.  They are fresh and everything that I planted sprouted.  Oh, and they were cheap, which is always a bonus. You will find that you have waaaay more seeds than you need.  Don’t go overboard like me.  

To plant the seeds I followed the planting guides for spacing and depth. I wasn’t very scientific. I didn’t grow them in the house and  move them outside.   I simply poked my finger into the dirt to the approximate depth and placed a seed in each hole (put only one or two seeds per hole even when the seed is tiny.)  I also placed tape on the pots and wrote in permanent marker what each pot contained.

I placed my containers out in the back yard where they get full sun for most of the day.  I water the containers regularly (sometimes twice a day depending on the weather) because container gardens dry out faster than a standard garden. Place a trash bag on the ground if you are sitting your pots in the grass.  The roots can grow through the drainage holes and into the ground.  I also check my plants daily for bugs, thankfully I haven’t found any yet, but I have basil and neem oil on stand-by to use as organic pesticides.

Since I started my garden late in the summer, I selected more fall and winter seeds.  Leafy greens, root vegetables, beans, and broccoli grow well in cooler temperatures.  If you live in a warmer climate then you have more options.  In my opinion, plant what you like.  It’s in a container and you can move it inside if you have to.

Right now all of my plants are thriving.  I recently moved some larger plants to their final home in 5-gallon buckets.

Don’t take gardening too seriously.  You are not a full-time farmer. If a seed grows, great.  If it doesn’t, try again.  Just start and enjoy the process.

 Go to your destiny,




Greed is another sin of excess. Greed is the need to acquire material things. If you are the sole provider for your family, it does not mean that all the money is yours and only you can administer it and spend it. If you and your spouse work, do not keep track of individual profits. Put all the wages in a single bank account. This way you will not feel that one contributes more than the other. Do not obsess over making more and more money. You will never feel satisfied with how much you have saved, because you can never get enough of what you don’t need. Spend, instead, more time with your spouse. Spend quality time together and enjoy the fruits of your labor. What good is it to gather and save goods and riches and never enjoy them? Generosity is the opposite of greed.

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