Loud Talking People…..

I can’t stand no loud talking person….The world don’t need to hear your whole conversation especially me and I’m in my house and you standing outside and I can hear everything you saying as if I was standing right next to you….Don’t let me have to come out there and tell you to hush up….I don’t know you like that so I definitely don’t need to know what’s going on with you….So you just need to move on along so I can have some peace and quiet and finish my coffee…..Ain’t nobody got time for all that…..Thank You & Have A Nice Day…..

I Am Thankful……

Happy Birthday Too Me…..Happy Birthday Too Me…..Happy Birthday Too Me…..

I am so thankful & Grateful that I got to see another year of life & at age 50 I feel great….God woke me up this morning & I can see, I can hear, I’m in my right frame of mind & I have all my body parts which might not work as well as they use to but they are still attached to my body & that is a big blessing……I might not be where I want to be because God is not finished with me yet but I’m not where i used to be & I’m definitely not going back to what God has brought me out of…..I have made peace with my past & I will never ever go back there….I’m keeping myself focus on the road or roads ahead of me & what obstacles I will have to move out of my way….I will have a peaceful & Pleasant day….Now I going to finish my coffee….It’s going to be a great day…..



How to Regrow Vegetables – Clean & Proper

Light & Delicious Recipe: Chickpea, Tomato and Feta Salad – 12 Tomatoes–delicious-recipe-chickpea-tomato–feta-salad.html

Don’t talk to Much…..

His family is not your family, if he’s wrong they’re going to be on his side, same as if he’s right, they’re gonna be on his side. Never vent to your family, they love YOU, not him. Meaning that when you forgive him, they won’t.
His sisters are just that HIS sisters, & his brother is his brother. They’ll smile at you, & at the other girls. To them? Every girl he takes home is their “sis in law”.
Oh & Lastly, never let your friends know when he messes up, you’ll forget about it, they won’t. Good Luck. In other words keep what goes on in your relationship quiet…. Don’t talk to much…..

Detox Juice….


2 Glasses per day for 5 days to detox your digestive system….

Detox Juice…..


2 Glasses per day for 5 days to detox your digestive system….

A scary leap….


That scary leap to self-employment is so worth it….

Watch “Malcolm Gladwell: The unheard story of David and …” on YouTube

Malcolm Gladwell: The unheard story of David and …:

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