Why Evolution Is True

Sophisticated theologians are an endless source of amusement.  When they’re not making stuff up about how Adam and Eve could sort of have existed, but not really, they’re musing about how the Resurrection could really have happened, but without leaving physical evidence.  Sigmund, our tireless watchdog of apologetics, reports on the latest way that theologians reconcile science with the resurrection.  This time it’s not at BioLogos, but that other source of Theology LOLz, HuffPo.  It’s really unbelievable that people a). get paid to engage in such thinking and b). get this kind of stuff published in a widely-read venue.  Note that Rev. Pideret has impeccable educational credentials.


Sophisticated Theology – the iPhone Conundrum

by Sigmund

According to Rowan Williams, the outgoing Archbishop of Canterbury, “the ultimate test of the Christian religion is not whether it is useful, beneficial or helpful to the human race but whether…

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