Black Art….

History..........The duo “Das EFX” emerged in 1991 from the well-Wu Tang Clanreal talk.snoop doog Tha Dogg Father

Who actually decides what Art is     Ray Charles Peace & Love! One good Racism Legends LAURYN HILL - Copy Is this really Vandalism  Graffiti is Art - Copy Ice-T & Dr Dre - Copy Ice-T Ice Cube HomeboyzHologram history Hip Hop HEAVY D Graffiti is Art!!!4 Graffiti is Art!7  Graffiti is Art!1  Graffiti is a Message!1 Graffiti is a message! Graffiti ArtGang Star Don't let the media control your mind Don't let the media Control you! dont gain damn right I like the life I live  EmmanenD12 Cell Art - Copy (2) black art.... - Copy Graffiti is Art!5 Graffiti is Art!3 Dope Graffiti is Art!2 Graffiti is Art!Big L - Copy (2) Art! - Copy (2) Art is not a Crime! Art - Copy Art2 - Copy And now a moment of silence, let us pray Afrika Bambaataa A house in Düsseldorf Germany 2 Legends @ kings Barack Obama the matrixArt is not a crime…..


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