Frank Morrison’s art work…..

ImageImageImageImageImageImage is unique and will make a statement that you simple can not miss. The exaggerated body parts and flowing motion of the characters depicted in Frank’s art work are his signature and provide us with a glimpse of his endless creativity and talent.

Frank Morrison was born in Massachusetts and then moved to New Jersey at and early age. He grew up during the early days of rap music, graffiti, and break dancing. He was a well known graffiti artist and also an accomplished break dancer and was actually part of the Sugar Hill Gang’s dance entourage. It was during one of the groups European tours he got a chance to visit the Louvre art museum in Paris and was so intrigued by all the magnificent art that he decided, at that moment, to return to his roots and become an artist. 

Morrison’s work is inspired, not only by his rich and varied life experiences but, by his love and gratitude for his family–his wife Connie, three sons and a daughter and the omnipresent Hand of God. Each of his paintings bears his signature, of course, accompanied by the notation “TTG” representing and reminding all of his “Thanks To God” for the blessings of his gifts–his family and his talents.


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4 thoughts on “Frank Morrison’s art work…..

  1. Thanks for posting these images. I wasn’t familiar with Frank Morrison until now.

    He’s very diverse in his technique.They’re all great, but the one with the little girl at the piano is superb.

  2. These are great, especially the piano one and the one above it. (Thanks for the follow, by the way.)

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