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Loud Talking People…..

I can’t stand no loud talking person….The world don’t need to hear your whole conversation especially me and I’m in my house and you standing outside and I can hear everything you saying as if I was standing right next to you….Don’t let me have to come out there and tell you to hush up….I don’t know you like that so I definitely don’t need to know what’s going on with you….So you just need to move on along so I can have some peace and quiet and finish my coffee…..Ain’t nobody got time for all that…..Thank You & Have A Nice Day…..


I Am Thankful……

Happy Birthday Too Me…..Happy Birthday Too Me…..Happy Birthday Too Me…..

I am so thankful & Grateful that I got to see another year of life & at age 50 I feel great….God woke me up this morning & I can see, I can hear, I’m in my right frame of mind & I have all my body parts which might not work as well as they use to but they are still attached to my body & that is a big blessing……I might not be where I want to be because God is not finished with me yet but I’m not where i used to be & I’m definitely not going back to what God has brought me out of…..I have made peace with my past & I will never ever go back there….I’m keeping myself focus on the road or roads ahead of me & what obstacles I will have to move out of my way….I will have a peaceful & Pleasant day….Now I going to finish my coffee….It’s going to be a great day…..

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